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Rocket Belt Scale

  • Single Idler Expected Accuracy: +/-  1% at 20% - 100% of scale capacity

  • Dual Idler Expected Accuracy: +/- 0.5% at 20% - 100% of scale capacity

  • Easy to Install Modular Design

  • Built-in Leveling Mechanism

  • Small mechanical point of contact eliminates load cell binding

  • Fits any width conveyor

  • 1 Year Warranty

Single Idler Scale Includes the following parts:

  • Two Rocket Load Cell Assemblies

    • 60kg, 100kg, 200kg or 350kg load cell capacity

    • Hardware Kit 

  • PW-T1000 Integrator with WiFi

  • SPD50 Speed Sensor with a 3 way mounting bracket

ROCKET with mounting pins
HQ Scales Integrator
Speed Sensor - HQ Scales

Rocket Conveyor Belt Scale

The Rocket Conveyor Belt Scale is a versatile design.  It can be installed on many different conveyors from stationary stackers to portable conveyors. The easiest way to determine if this scale may be a candidate for your application is to look at the conveyors idlers. This scale can be installed on conveyors with standard top mounted idlers and channel inset idlers. Dual Idler scales increase the accuracy and allow customers to have highly accurate measurements. Contact HQ Scales for more information.

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