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Integrator Control Box PW-T1000

  • Rugged Powder Coated Steel Outdoor Enclosure

  • Simple and Accurate Calibration

  • Straightforward keypad navigation

  • 12-24VDC or 120VAC

  • RS485

  • Modbus TCP

  • Built In WIFI webpage​​

  • 1 Ethernet Port

  • 4 Load Cell Inputs

  • 1 Speed Sensor Input

  • 1 Angle Sensor Input

  • 1  RS485 Port 

  • I/O Board (Optional add on)

    • Communication to a PLC

    • Two Digital Channels

      • Monitor accumulated weight in 0.1 ton, 1 ton or 10 ton increments​

    • Two Analog 4-20mA Channels

      • Monitor Rate TPH​

    • (optional) One 24V DC Solid State Relay

    • (Optional) One 100-240V AC  Solid State Relay

  • Compatible with most other conveyor belt scale brands

This part is included in complete scales

HQ Scales Integrator
HQ Scales webpage cell phone with home screen
HQ WiFi webpage with daily report data
Cell phone with network setup

Conveyor Belt Scale Integrator Control Box

The HQ Scales control box is a top of the line integrator that is equipped with a built in webpage for easy monitoring and troubleshooting. The daily report is easily accessible and can be viewed from the HQ webpage or directly from the integrator.  Monitoring average tons per hour, production and black belt time is easy with the HQ PW-T1000 control box integrator for conveyor scales.

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