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Loader Cab Display

Tablet Installed in Loader Cab

View your scale on a tablet from the loader cab! Each integrator has a built in WiFi Webpage that makes it easy to connect to a device and view the scale in real time. 

  • View Average TPH

  • View Black Belt Time

  • View Totals

  • View Production Time

Need to extend the WiFi signal? No problem!

Simply add a wireless transmitter to the integrator and add up to 500ft of viewing distance.

Loader Cab with HQ wifi Webpage
HQ Scales webpage connected to tablet on ram mount

Tablet with Mount

Monitor Conveyor Belt Scales from the Loader Cab

Many customers have a similar request:

"Can I view my conveyor scale from the loader?" 

The answer is "Yes!"

The HQ PW-T1000 Integrator is a top of the line control box for conveyor scales. Utilize the Built-In WiFi Webpage to view your belt scale from the loader cab. Easily connect to a tablet and monitor production efficiency while you are operating the loader. Contact HQ Scales today to find out more!

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