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Multiscale Display Options

Multiscale Touch Display & TV Module

View all of your scales from one touchscreen display or TV module in the control room.

Perform common tasks directly from the multiscale display or TV Module

  • Reset Totals

  • Perform Zero Calibrations

  • Easily Monitor All Scale Activity


4 Inch: view up to 4 Scales

7 Inch: view up to 8 Scales

TV Module: view up to 20 scales 

Have more than 20 scales? We can customize it!

4inch Touch Display for production monitoring
Belt Scale TV Module for production monitoring

Monitor multiple conveyor scales from the main control room

Monitoring and maintaining multiple scales from the control room on one display is easy. Simply add a multiscale touch screen display or connect to an existing computer monitor or TV with the TV module. These products are more than a display. Easily perform daily tasks like the zero calibration and resetting Total 1.  Contact HQ Scales for more information on multiscale touchscreen displays.

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